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Sandown Saturdays

As part of the Flavour Trails program, throughout August we are offering guided land walks

at the Sandown Centre, each led by a different fabulous host who brings their own unique perspective and experience.  Come and learn firsthand about the fascinating ecology in the place we call home.

These walks are free, please REGISTER for COVID precautions and our planning. 

Wear sensible shoes, bring water and dress for the sunshine! 

WHERE? We meet by the Sandown Centre main gates (by the greenhouse), 1810 Glamorgan Road

WHEN? Saturday 10 am

Walks are approximately 1 hour. 


Alien invasive American bullfrogs: Evicting the Frog
who Came to Dinner

Thank you Stan and community members for this marvelous Saturday morning walk!

Natural history of the area
with biologist James Miskelly

Thank you James for leading this inspired walk :)

James Miskelly is a co-founder of Saanich Native Plants (now called Satinflower nurseries, and a biologist with expertise in Garry oak ecosystems, plants, insects, and restoration. James completed a Master of Science in Biology from the University of Victoria in 2004 focusing on butterflies and their habitat needs.   James has worked in various capacities specializing on rare plants and animals. He is a research associate at the Royal BC Museum in entomology with a particular interest in Canadian Orthoptera (crickets, grasshoppers, and katydids).  Currently, James works full time with Natural Resources Canada, helping to conserve and restore habitats and rare species on federal DND lands. James helps continually with consulting aspects of the nursery and managing the native seed fields as well as developing specialized seed mixes for customers. 

Basil Harvest.jpg
Basil Harvest.jpg

the Farmpreneurs

Thank you all for coming to this most wonderful event.


Sandown...a bird paradise!
with local birder Ann Nightingale

My goodness, due to popular demand, this land walk is full! 

Thanks for your interest. 

When lifelong Vancouver Island resident Ann Nightingale started birding in the 1990s, she had in her head American naturalist Ken Kauffman’s words: 

If people could name 50 plants and animals in their own area, it would fundamentally change how they fit into the world. In this walk, Ann will be introducing us to some of the 115 unique bird species that have spotted by Ann and her colleagues at Sandown. 

Ann Nightingale is past president of the Rocky Point Bird Observatory (RPBO) and an 18-year volunteer with the organization. She coordinates Victoria’s Christmas Bird Count, serves on the board of the Victoria Natural History Society, leads nature walks and gives lectures at various locations around the south island. 

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