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Volunteer with the farmers

Volunteers, or farm helpers, work alongside regenerative growers, soil scientists and sheep herders, helping to grow food, rehabilitate soils, or move the flock to their new paddock. Along the way, you'll gain a deep connection to the seasons, the land, forge friendships, and build new muscles! 

Help steward the forest

The native plants and groundcover of the Sandown forest are coming back, thanks to the concerted efforts of volunteers who are helping to remove invasive species and bring back biodiversity. Work independently alongside the birds, or let us know when you'd like to join for a work party! 

Workshops and classes

A range of topics, from active “citizen science” classes, to forest bathing walks, to pruning classes for your budding home orchard. These are announced as they come up, so the best way to learn more is by joining our mailing list (sign up at the bottom of any page)

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