We are grateful to our multi-year funding partners, including Vancity and the District of North Saanich Agricultural Fund to help fund the core priorities of the Sandown Centre.


Donations from supporters like you help further fuel the projects and progress on site. 



How can you help? Here's a Wish List:

  • wheel barrows x 4

  • large pitch forks x 2

  • shovels x 3

  • rakes x 3 

  • secateurs x 5

  • large sturdy tarps x 3

  • buckets

  • Gallagher Smart Fence 2 x4

  • 6' T-bars x many.

  • 330' rolls of graduating woven wire fence (~$242.99 at Integrity) x many.

  • willow stakes

  • silage tarps

To reach out with a donation, email us at so we can accept a payment and thank you personally. 

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