Free Range Poultry Farm



We have partnered with The Fickle Fig to create a win-win arrangement with

Mother Nature that leads to happy animals, healthier soils and waters, carbon sequestering, and a prosperous farm enterprise! 

Starting in early Spring of 2021, Fickle Fig will be bringing their mixed livestock onto the land to improve the soils using Regenerative Agriculture management techniques.  


Fundamental to regenerating the land is a perpetual cycle of rotational livestock grazing, cover cropping and soil building. Rotational grazing builds healthy soil, reduces erosion and runoff, and eliminates the need for pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers, while also saving money on livestock feed.

When we talk about "Pasture Fed Animals"...this is it!


The soil’s fertility increases, as manure and the remnants from supplemental feeding add nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous and trace minerals to the earth. Pigs help the process by tilling the soil themselves.


The animals benefit from access to clean air, feed, and environmental conditions. Additionally, parasites within a species are kept at a low point due to inter-species crossover.


All this results in healthier animals, which leads to healthier grass-fed free-range eggs, pastured pork, goat, lamb, chicken, turkey, and beef. 


Another winning point: livestock odours are mitigated with the progressive movement of the herd or flock.


Fickle Fig will bring 2-5 beef cattle, 40 dairy sheep, 10 goats, 20 pigs, 200 chickens and 50 turkeys onto the site for rotational grazing, rotating their paddocks every few days to allow regrowth for optimal nutrition in the forage.


From spring through autumn, herds and flocks will be on the paddocks. During the extreme cold season, the animals will reside in shelters with outdoor access, and the land will rest.

Regenerative Agriculture is perhaps best described as

Feeding the Land so the Land can Feed Us


Regenerative Agriculture provides answers to the soil crisis, the food crisis, 

the health crisis, the climate crisis, and the crisis of democracy. 

                                                   Dr. Vandana Shiva