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Join us in a day of community stewardship in the ivy covered forest at Sandown

March 27th | Sunday | Sandown Forest

Register below for a three-hour time slot of ivy pulling and community restoration fun! Sign up for one of five staggered time slots, either solo or in your bubble, to ensure that we have ample space to distance accordingly. Further COVID protocols will be sent to each attendee. Please bring your own gloves and clippers if you can to avoid cross-contact of tools.

We encourage you to sign up with your household/bubble and enjoy the outdoors while nurturing this ivy invaded forest.

Please check two time slot options that work for you.

We are limiting the size of the group at each time slot to make sure that we have enough space for COVID distancing at each orientation.

By choosing two time slots, we can ensure that if one of the time slots is already at capacity there is another time you can join in on the invasive species removal.

We will get back to confirm your time slot and provide more details on what to bring.

Sign Up to Help Restore the Forest

*FYI Ivy can be a skin irritant for some people, please wear long pants and long sleeves to protect your skin.

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