We believe that the best knowledge creation happens when we build collaborations that span institutions, disciplines and practices, and are fueled by genuine curiosity. 


Building the next generation of farmers and equipping them for the significant challenges of tomorrow — climate change, post-peak oil, 

and tempestuous supply chains — requires an “all-hands on deck” approach: 

field testing academic research, students working alongside farmers, strong practical mentorships.


We envision Sandown as a productive, working farm, where we partner with academics and students for meaningful collaboration. Through the process, we aim to contribute to a growing body of best practices and examples in regenerative agriculture. 


How does this look on the ground?


It means:

  • University of Victoria graduate researchers focusing their research at Sandown.

  • University of Victoria Ecological Restoration Students designing riparian zones in the wetland areas, tackling invasive management strategies in the forest, and helping to build them into reality.

  • Students monitoring water and soil quality, and exploring how to improve our stewardship practices.

  • Academics and farmers sharing their research and best practices with neighbours at “Sandown Supper Clubs” and on-site tours.

  • Forest Stewardship teams offering "Citizen Science" opportunities for families and local organisations. 

  • Community Organisations, like Growing Young Farmers, offering summer camps and after school programs at Sandown.

  • Field visits from nearby schools.  


These are all real projects and partnerships in the works. We are working together to imagine our best future.