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Picking Cauliflower 2

Interested in starting your own farm at Sandown?




Sandown offers a supported incubator plots to foster a new generation of farmers. These plots include shared site amenities, shared market channels, the support of a collegial peer group, and ongoing mentorship from industry professionals in the diverse skills required to thrive in today’s agricultural sector. These incubator plots are open to anyone who would like to apply.


Additionally, Sandown will deepen partnerships with complementary community organizations, such as Growing Young Farmers, to increase community offerings and community benefits. 


Farming requires field infrastructure: covered areas for harvesting, washing, drying, packing, storing; places for tools, soil amendments, machinery; pinboards for daily tasks and inspiration; books and binders for reference. 

At Sandown, sharing these functional spaces will save on materials and cost, and help to build community, conversation and shared learning. 


And of course, as we know from the lessons of sharing spaces, clear design and good communication are necessary to keep these working spaces running smoothly. 

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