We envision a lively community garden space where you can get your hands dirty, grow food for your families, meet your neighbours, re-localize food production, and contribute to the regenerative stewardship project at the Sandown Centre.

What & Where?

The community gardens will be accessible from Glamorgan Road, adjacent to the Farmpreneur program and community program offerings. This ever-evolving growing hub is part of the larger Sandown site of forest, wetland and Tseycum creek headwaters. Therefore, it is essential that the community garden practices serve to steward and protect these ecosystems. 

The design will feature 4ft x 10ft raised beds using the Douglas fir boards that once lined the Sandown horse stables. For the more experienced gardeners, we will also offer larger in-ground allotment plots - inquire with the garden coordinator for more details.


Local residents are invited to become part of the community gardens by renting a raised bed! The annual cost of the raised bed is $100 per bed which includes the water use and tool access. For more experienced growers, in-ground allotment rows are $45 per 10 running feet, which measure approximately 4 feet across. 

Your plot/allotment will be your own to care for through the year. Additionally, we will host several garden work bees through the year- your chance to meet neighbours and work together to equip and beautify the shared garden spaces. Participation in these work bees will be part of your responsibility as a plot renter. 


At this point, we have full registration for the community gardens, but are opening up new garden beds. If you are interested to be on the waiting list, please register by emailing us at