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2022 Good Food Champion

Greater Victoria's Annual Good Food Gathering is an opportunity to celebrate member-nominated organizations and programs that have significantly contributed to the Good Food Network's vision of a regional, accessible, safe and culturally appropriate food supply.

The 2022 Local Food Economy Champion is The Sandown Centre for Regenerative Agriculture!

Congratulations to the Sandown Team managers, Farmpreneuers, program instructors and participants and Community Gardeners for their combined contribution to the local food economy. This Champion Award was one of three presented at the Network Dinner highlighting the importance and development of the local food production continuum.

Sandown Centre for Regenerative Agriculture is a not-for-profit organization operating on 83 acres of Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) in the public lands of the District of North Saanich. The Sandown Centre is a combination of agricultural land, forest, wetland, and meadow that fosters and builds the practices critical for climate change-resilient food production and ecological stewardship. Its goals are to steward biodiversity, foster growers and engage communities in regenerative agriculture and land remediation.

[Photo includes Sandown Farmpreneurs Dinah Johnston, Stephanie Jacobs, Lauren Fairweather, Brooke Williams; Sandown Team members Jenn Cline, Matthew Kyriakides and Steve Duck]


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