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'elightened agri-tourism': Sandown & the IMPACT conference in Canadian Geographic magazine

Excerpt from the article:

Sustainable, renewal, socially conscious – what do these terms actually mean, and how do we avoid companies ‘green-washing’ their services with opaque, hard-to-measure terminology? Events like IMPACT help build industry cohesion around these concepts. It becomes clear that regenerative tourism refers to healing land and communities, creating net positives for both, and leaving things better than we found them.

Examples range from renewable energy technologies, community-led tourism initiatives and carbon-capturing seaweed farms to the Sandown Centre for Regenerative Agriculture on Vancouver Island’s Saanich Peninsula. Funded by the municipality with full local support, 33 hectares of forest, field and wetland have been restored at a former race track to enhance biodiversity, restore ecological balance, grow healthy food for the community, and train a new generation of ‘farm-preneurs.” (photo Robin Esrock)


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