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Sesame Street farm...

So, we've taken to calling the Sandown Centre "Sesame Street Farm". Just like the show, various people reach out, come visit, and get involved. They each play the role of their choosing, and add to what we are collectively building...Bill from Brentwood Bay who can help get our community gardens going...Jenn who has a wealth of growing and teaching knowledge, and can help lead our Public Programming courses...UVic students who have passion to help design spaces and places through the site.

This energy is infectious, and we get to meet one another and connect, outside. We are being COVID safe of course (there is lots of room to spread out!), but really, COVID doesn't get to steal the show: we are CONNECTING. We are sharing what we care about. We feel good, because we know we are all contributing to a bigger vision of something that is needed and good. Sesame Street at its finest :)

This picture kind of sums it up. Jenn and Lauren, both brand new to Sandown, had volunteered to come help build a gate and pick rocks out of the Farmpreneur plots. Along came Megan and Jamie, two UVic students who are designing a Sandown community gathering space as part a 400 level permaculture design course. Cue the rainbow!

If you would like to get involved, just reach out to us. There's plenty to do....

Wouldn't Big Bird be happy? Two people wearing yellow!


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