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Volunteer with us!

While it might not seem like spring is nearing with this weather we're receiving, it is right around the corner! As the ground warms up, we will be requiring more help on site.

Matthew, our manager of land stewardship has identified some areas that he needs help with in the meadows, wetlands, and forest:

  • Identify and monitor vegetation in the meadows over the seasons.

  • Remove blackberries and thistles from the meadows.

  • Remove ivy from the forest.

  • Develop a plan for managing reed canary grass in the wetlands.

Jenn, our manager of farm operations and the regenerative farmers will also need help with plenty of farm tasks in the coming weeks.

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Other news;

We still have some availability in the raised bed section of our community garden! For more information, email Emily at she is taking over from Steph as the new community garden coordinator.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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