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What's shaking at Sandown?

What's new at Sandown? Check out what we've been up to since our last update!

Ali from Fireweed Farms (left) and manager of farm operations Jenn (right) at Seedy Saturday at the Horticulture Centre Of The Pacific on January 14.

Check out the podcast Voices of Nature, episode 23 to hear about how a circular innovation mindset creates new regenerative models. This episode highlights the work of the Sandown Centre for Regenerative Agriculture where Lindsey (the co-founder and Board President) explains, “Regenerative Agriculture is perhaps best described as Feeding the Land so the Land can Feed Us.” Lindsey shares how responsible farming practices can restore the health of soil and ecosystems and in turn the crops we need to nourish ourselves.

Many thanks to the experienced and skilled birders who have been carefully documenting bird species at Sandown. In two short years, the list of known bird species at Sandown has gone from around 80 to more than 132. Take a look at the amazing research Neil Hughes, Ann Nightingale and others are doing on ebird.

Photo of a pileated woodpecker by birder Jody Wells taken at Sandown

Listen to the second part of the radio show Tuning Fork to hear manager of farm operations, Jenn Cline discussing Sandown demos converting hay pasture to market gardens.

Tourism Cares volunteers with Sandown Centre in September. Photo by Heath Moffatt.

Check out the short video by Tourism Cares that features participants volunteering at the Sandown Centre back in September!

Please welcome our new community gardens organizer: Stephanie Jacobs!

For all inquiries into community garden allotments for the upcoming season, please email her at

Ordering seeds for your garden? Support a great local initiative by purchasing from West Coast Seeds at the link below.

40% of your order will be donated to Iyé Creative CSA boxes giving fresh produce from our local producers to folks in need.

*Click shop and select Iyé from the dropdown menu at checkout*

Stay tuned for more updates! Sandown Centre for Regenerative Agriculture

The Sandown Centre is located on the traditional lands of the SENĆOŦEN speaking W̱SĺḴEM (Tseycum) peoples of the W̱SÁNEĆ First Nations. We respectfully acknowledge how colonialism disrupted ties between Indigenous peoples' and their traditional food ways and seek to reconcile this through thoughtful, collaborative, and inclusive land care. We are grateful for the Tseycum peoples’ careful stewardship of these lands and waters since time immemorial and to this day.


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