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We offer a regenerative incubator farm program, inclusive of land, amenities, tools, mentorship, and more. 

­­­Are you ready to join the regenerative agriculture movement?

The Sandown Centre runs a regenerative farmer incubator plot program.

Do you want to start or develop your existing farm enterprise with access to land, shared amenities, a network of selected mentors, and a cohort of emerging farmers in the beautiful Mediterranean growing climate of North Saanich?


We know that being a successful farm is more than just growing food; being a regenerative farmer also means building a business. Achieving right livelihood requires a diverse set of skills including strategic farm plan and financial planning, best regenerative farming practices to increase yields, and farm branding and marketing.


We believe in the need to build competencies for a regional green economy and in the highly rewarding field of regenerative agriculture. We’re inviting you to bring your passion and join our growing community of farmers, soil scientists, and food industry professionals at Sandown.

This opportunity provides:

  • A South-facing plot in North Saanich, forty minutes from downtown Victoria. Plots start at 1/4 an acre and go up to 2 acres, depending on your goals and your growing experience.

  • The shared amenities you need for a start-up: A shared greenhouse, irrigation, fencing, tools, a processing station, and cold storage.

  • Connection to the local market: Our partner South Island Farm Hub is a direct channel to help you market your farm harvest. Co-marketing & Sandown food festivals are other opportunities to reach your customers.

  • Weekly site visits from your seasoned farm mentor, providing targeted advice and strategy for your farm operations through the seasons.

  • Mentorship from a diverse array of guest mentors, custom chosen to support your farm launch. Our advisors cover topics such as holistic farm management, eco-packaging, food branding, agri-tourism, and culinary partnerships. 

  • Cohort support. You will set up your farm next to other new farmers who are on a similar journey and have each other’s support.

  • Define and engage your community and diverse markets. You’ll participate in organising and running food-focused events, overseen and mentored by industry professionals and giving you valuable first-hand insight into the world of public education, agri-tourism, and culinary experiences.


We are looking for:

  • Growers of diverse backgrounds

  • Early-mid career folks with some growing experience

  • Those with grit and perseverance to start a farm-based business

  • Those looking for the opportunity to both serve and benefit from people, community, and organizations around you


To start the application process, tell us:

  • Who you are

  • Your products and intended markets

  • How much time you plan to commit to your farm enterprise, and how you plan to support yourself through the start-up phase


Cost is determined based on plot size, shared amenities & mentorship required

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