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One of the most direct and meaningful ways to support the local food movement

also happens to be the most fun: come join us as a volunteer at the Sandown Centre!

Volunteers, or farm helpers, work alongside regenerative growers, soil scientists and sheep herders, helping to grow food, rehabilitate soils, or move the flock to their new paddock. Along the way, you'll gain a deep connection to the rhythm of the seasons and to the land, forge friendships, and build new muscles! 

See below for volunteer opportunities!

Contact the community engagement coordinator to be redirected to a farmpreneur, apprentice with Jenn or Matthew, or for group volunteer sessions. 

Matt headshot small.jpg

work with Matthew

Manager of Land Resources

Matthew works to steward and restore the larger Sandown ecosystem- testing water quality on a regular basis, identifying and tackling invasive species, and improving soil quality through cover cropping and managed grazing.


work with Anna-Lise


Anna-Lise is the grower behind A-L’s Herb & Flower Co, a small farm specializing in culinary herbs and cut flowers. Growing up in on a small hobby farm in North Saanich, Anna-Lise was raised in a home where gum boots were the footwear of choice, tomatoes were a seasonal vegetable, and Julia Child reigned supreme on the console TV. Anna-Lise believes the best moments are when people gather around to share some food-- a belief that is the driving vision behind A-L’s Herb & Flower Co., where Anna-Lise applies her passion to spark joy at your next meal.


work with Dinah


Dinah is the creator of Little Crescent Farm which is her ever-evolving love child. About 6 years ago, she started studying Holistic Nutrition which has led her down the beautiful path of growing food and flowers to take care of our community and soils. While sharing and enjoying her abundance of flowers, Dinah wishes to provide nutrient dense and flavourful food to the local community. Her newest hobby is nerding out on bees! Come nourish your soul and body with Dinah at Little Crescent Farm! 


work with Ali


Ali Boechler is the owner and manager of Fireweed Farms. She strongly believes that soil, human, and environmental health are all connected. She has a passion for the healing arts and has studied yoga, meditation, and reiki. She hopes to weave these beautiful practices with the natural medicine of the plants to engage in community healing on all levels.

Her goals are to grow potent, accessible medicine, to help heal the soil at Sandown Centre, and to teach others some of the skills necessary to build resilience and thrive during these uncertain times we’re living in.


work with Jenn

Manager of Farm Operations

Part of Jenn's role is to manage the Sandown Soil Lab, which is actively working to create high quality composts, extracts and teas which are applied to the site. Would you like to be involved in this process and learn about how to create biologically living soils? 


work with Carol


What started as a simple passion project to grow fibre flax to support her lifelong textile addiction has led Carol down a fantastic rabbit hole of family stories and teachings from her Irish farm heritage. As Carol explores the myriad of ways in which flax can be grown and utilized, there has been an outpouring of support from various like-minded farmers, spinners, weavers, and textile artists also wanting to grow out our local Fibershed on Vancouver Island. Come join the flax movement! 


work with Lauren


Lauren is passionate about combating the climate crisis and delighted by the endless magic of plants. For her, stewarding healthy soils is all about interconnectivity, and is a meeting place of so many of her interests, from biodiversity and climate justice, to human health and incredible local food. Lauren is excited and humbled to be following her farming dreams at Sandown, combining vegetable growing with medicinal and dye plants, and extending the harvest with winter vegetables.


work with Véronique


Véronique is the farmer behind Frozen Coast Farm; a small but mighty contribution to ensuring food security on Vancouver Island by providing food that is good for the people and good for the earth. She loves growing food, connecting to the land and being part of the community that comes along with it. Let's get excited about eating seasonally!

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