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Attend our AGM!

The 2024 Annual General Meeting of Circular Farm and Food Society (CFFS) doing business as Sandown Centre for Regenerative Agriculture (SCRA) will be held virtually, on Monday March 25th, from 6-7PM (via Zoom). Click here to register for free or become a member!

The agenda will include elections for board positions and a short presentation with updates on the society’s activities and impact in 2023.

Interested in becoming a member? Select the option in the registration link above and fill out the online form on our website!

CFFS members in good standing will have the opportunity to vote on decisions that affect the future of the organization, including helping to elect new members to our Board of Directors.

Anyone can attend the AGM. For members and non-members, attending our AGM is a great way to support Sandown Centre, meet others who care about local food and climate action in our community and learn more about the work that we do!

Want to join our Board of Directors? Find out how here!

Join our Regenerative Gardener Program to learn from our expert regenerative farmer and take your growing skills to the next level. 

This 4-part series will increase your productivity in the home garden! Join us in person to get your hands dirty and learn how to build healthy soil and grow delicious, nutrient dense vegetables. 

Register for just one session, or sign up for all 4 to receive 10% off, an additional Zoom introductory session, and gain access to the garden outside of scheduled sessions!

Session 1: Intro to vegetables, seed starting, healthy soil (amendments and fertility), bed prep

Session 2: Garden design, irrigation, vertical growing (trellising), companion planting, succession planting

Session 3: Composting, soil food web, pests and disease

Session 4: Harvesting, storing vegetables, winter growing

When? Last Monday of the month:

Monday, May 27th, Monday, June 24th, Monday, July 29th, Monday, August 26th

5pm - 8pm, bring your own dinner

Where? Sandown Centre, 1810 Glamorgan Rd.

How much? $75 per session, or $270 for all 4 (10% savings)!

Looking for a volunteer opportunity? Contact Matthew at to register for our upcoming ivy pull on April 7th from 10am - 12pm at the Littlewood trailhead (up the road from the main Sandown entrance).

Until next time, stay tuned and grow on!


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